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Greetings from the Pastor

I took the journey of faith nearly 31 years ago to be a pastor. I did not want to be, what appeared to be, an ordinary pastor, traveling from church to church. I did in the beginning, staying 5 years at one church, and two at another. Then the door was opened to First Free Will Baptist Church. I brought my wife and two boys to Columbus, and after almost 24 years, and another son now 21, I must confess that it is home.

Why would a pastor want to stay at a church for this long? Wouldn’t it be more of an adventure to explore new places and meet new people? Perhaps for some! But for me I have grown accustomed to the well traveled road. I see many of the same people and we do many of the same things we have always done, but there are always fresh faces and exciting activities. Not only do we have some new faces by choice, but many by birth. Growth always demands activity.

It has been a pleasure to see young folks and babies grow up and take on responsibilities that others have left by age or death. Talk about activity. Our church seems to be much like a bee hive with all the going and coming. There is always something to do, or something that is being planned. Now there’s some adventure for you. Watching the ever growing body of the youthful run down familiar and unfamiliar paths the Lord has laid out for them. What could be more exciting for any pastor than laboring along beside cheerful and busy believers in Christ?

If you are looking for a well worn path, this church is for you. If you are looking for adventure you will find it on the many trails of ministry that our church provides. I haven’t seen what’s at the end of the trail yet, so I intend to stay around until I do. Won’t you take the journey with us and see where it leads?

Bro. Willie