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Audio Bible reading plus
Great audio Bible site which reads scripture aloud in King James, New American Standard, or New International Version. Other versions of the Bible are available also for reading. Passage, keyword, and topical search indexes are available, as well as commentaries and other study tools. A comprehensive Bible reading plan is also available.

Institute for Creation Research

Scholarly resource defending the Genesis account of creation and the orgin of man. This site gives clear, rational explanations for the Christian 'world view' of how our world came to be. It also points out many of the erroneous assumptions and conclusions preposed by the 'Naturalist' for the creation of the earth and man.



Tony's links

Free Will Baptist Bible College

Our denomination's college in Nashville, Tennessee. Be sure to follow the Virtual Tour link and view the tour video.

Free Will Baptist - Summary of beliefs
Classic Bible Commentaries
Renowned, traditional, conservative Bible commentaries
More Bible commentaries

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